Dear Colleagues,

It is a particular pleasure to invite you to The Cerebral White Matter: Functional Anatomy and Surgical Applications, to be held in Cochabamba in next September. It willnot simply be a continuation of the tradition of the WFNS Anatomy Committee Courses since we are very proud to concretize our first course in Bolivia. We live in a time when networks are becoming more and more important, including in Medicine.

In our specialty, studying the intrinsic cerebral anatomy is to take advantage of knowledge for enhancing security of our patients. In addition, international collaboration offers major benefits and directly contributes to the progress of our specialty.

This course will illustrate the growing importance of the cerebral white matter anatomy. The surgical treatment of intrinsic tumors will be a subject of major interest given to the recent researches on the tridimensional organization and the functional role of the white matter components. We will have the great pleasure and the honor to welcome among us highly qualified speakers from different countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

We are going to devote part of the two days to conduct an in-depth discussion of clinical cases and also to perform fiber dissection in real cerebral specimens. Following the words of Benjamin Franklin: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I learn, involve me and I remember ".

Once the work is done, we want you to spend some free time with us. The evening of our event will be an opportunity to meet with friends from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere and to enjoy the Bolivian mouthwatering gastronomy.

We would very much welcome your participation and send you my best regards.

Igor Maldonado